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Church Boyz’ Series – Book 2 (When Things Go Wrong) (Kindle Edition)By H.H. Fowler Buy new: $2.99 Customer Rating: Customer tags: urban christian fiction(5), african-american fiction(5), contemporary christia…

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Christian Self Help

By Nelson Berry Christian self help is the best kind of help available for a lot of people whose beliefs are closely tied to their faith. Every person can only achieve success and contentment in life on his own effort.

The Christian Flag displayed next to the pulpit on the chancel of a church sanctuary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christian self help is the best kind of help available for a lot of people whose beliefs are closely tied to their faith. Every person can only achieve success and contentment in life on his own effort. This is why no undetaking is possible without one’s own decision to help himself. However, despite this commonality, people also have different belief systems in life. Some people believe in an unknown force in the universe, some people believe in the power that lies inside their own minds, and some people attribute this power or force to God.

For Christians, there is no power or force other than God. As a Christian, perhaps you are apprehensive when it comes to topics such as self help, meditation, hypnosis, and so on. After all, these topics harness an inner power and often develops a spirit of pure independence. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of Christians to limit themselves, making them discontented and dissatisfied with life. Many Christians, when faced with negative circumstances, break down, look around them, and usually compare their circumstances to those of more successful people in society.

To avoid meeting this dangerous pitfall in your Christian life, delve into the concepts of personal development and power. If you only look closely enough, these concepts do not contradict your belief, but rather support them.

Christians and the Power Within. According to common self help beliefs, the power to change your life lies within you. This is at peace with the concept of God’s Holy Spirit living inside you once you decide to dedicate your life to Him as a Christian. That power inside you is, in fact, God Himself. Christian self help means not needing outside help because you are strong and capable, thanks to God’s power that dwells inside you. It is up to you to decide whether to focus on your struggles or believe that God’s power is working within you and that there is nothing for you to worry about.

Christians and the Law of Attraction. A lot of Christians also act the same way about the law of attraction. They fear that it might be harnessing power from some mysterious and unknown force in the universe, and that this might contrast their belief in the known entity, which is God. But there is no other force in the universe but God. In fact, a lot of Christians find the law of attraction comes naturally to them. You can be one of those powerful Christians. All you have to do is believe in God’s power to bring you all the good things you are hoping for, no matter how impossible they seem to be. If you believe in His power to do all things, you get rid of the limits around your thinking.

God chose Christians as His own people. As a Christian, that means you are entitled to many privileges of being God’s child. God has prepared a wonderful destiny for you. You are meant to be the head, not the tail. You are supposed to lead, not just follow. You are not limited by the world, because God Himself said that He, who is your Father, has overcome the world.

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